Temporary security barriers on Princes Bridge to protect against vehicle borne threats.

Protection against vehicle borne threats on Princes Bridge

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Princes Bridge is an obvious target for terror attacks, vehicle borne threats and VBIEDs. It’s one of the most crowded places in Melbourne, and it would be easy for a car to ram into pedestrians there.

In the beginning of August, the bridge was identified as an at-risk area, which is why temporary water-filled barricades have been installed to protect pedestrians.

Other temporary HVM measures have been installed throughout the city to protect against vehicle borne threats. Concrete blocks have been installed at popular public spaces such as Federation Square, the MCG, Queen Victoria Market, Southern Cross Station, Flinders St Station and Boathouse Drive under Princes Bridge.

The security barriers are meant to block unauthorised vehicle access, but we don’t believe it’s enough to protect against vehicle borne threats in the long run.

Concrete blocks may be fine for vehicle borne threats, but they are not good enough for VBIED attacks.

First of all, these concrete blocks are not sturdy or durable enough to withstand Melbourne’s weather conditions. They are also not strong enough to withstand a VBIED attack.

In the occurence of a VBIED attack, it’s essential the vehicle doesn’t make it through the bollards. The bollards won’t protect the area, if it can’t keep out even very large vehicles at high speed.

We purposefully have designed VBIED bollards with high impact features and materials to make sure a vehicle ram through and detonate a bomb close to pedestrians and assets.

These spherical VBIED bollards are tougher than they look. Perfect for vehicle borne threats and VBIED attacks.

These products are much tougher than they look. They offer a soft approach to hard security with a range of aesthetically pleasing designs and shapes. They are offered in cast iron, stainless steel and granite.

Visually appealing light bollard to protect against vehicle-borne threats and VBIED attacks.

This VBIED light bollard has three functions: It lights the way for pedestrians, looks appealing and protects against vehicle-borne-threats.

The barricades and bollards are apart of a $10 million safety upgrade to keep Melbourne city safe. An alert system and CCTV cameras will also be installed, enabling police to send out mass warnings of impending threats to public safety.

We also do customised solutions if you want a VBIED bollard against vehicle-borne threats to suit the environment at your site.