Vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices are a danger to us all, also Hobart.

How VBIED bollards could help Hobart

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The world has seen more and more vehicle attacks during 2017, and unfortunately attacks seems to breed attacks. That’s why preventative measures are now being considered by Hobart Lord Mayor Sue Hickey who recently proposed some hard security measures for Hobart.

She suggested the installation of bollards in Hobart’s hotspots such as the Salmanca Market, The Farmgate Market and areas which host annual events such as the Taste of Tasmania.

She also urged people to not assume they were safe just because they lived in Tasmania.

She said Australians are never completely safe and installing bollards will be a step towards the safety of the people.

She also added that people of the entire country should be ready for any kind of situation that arises and investing in increased security measures are one way of being prepared.

Attacks in Barcelona, Charlottesville, London, Nice and even Melbourne have used vehicles to cause destruction and mass casualties.

While bollards provide the strongest defence to vehicle-ramming attacks we need to keep in mind the implications it has on the overall beauty of the city.

The concrete bollards which have popped up in Sydney and Melbourne’s CBD do provide a level of protection but at the cost of the look and feel of the space.

VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices) bollards don't have to be ugly. These streetscape bollards are visually appealing.

People have treated the bollards as a dumping ground for trash and cigarettes.

They have also come under scrutiny as experts have shown concern as they are vulnerable to sliding under heavy impact.

Another drawback of using these bollard is they tend to chip away and can lose its strength over time compromising its strength and aesthetic.

An alternative to this is VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices)  bollards which are architecturally designed to protect while being pleasing to the eye.

The VBIED rating means they protect against vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices. The VBIED bollards are also VBT rated to protect against vehicle borne terrorists.

Pedestrians have also complained about the size of the concrete bollards as they hamper movement, which has been a major concern for blind pedestrians.

By contrast the streetscape bollards consume much less space and do not make the area look like a concrete jungle.

They protect the people from vehicle-ramming based attacks but are also architecturally pleasing to the eye.

We applaud the Hobart Lord Mayor for her comments regarding public safety and would urge the government to learn from Melbourne and Sydney to install permanent, aesthetically pleasing and highly protective bollard solutions for the benefit of all Tasmanian residents and visitors.

Streetscape bollards to protect against vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices.