Gold Coast council takes stance against terrorism using HVM measures.

HVM measures against terror attacks on Gold Coast

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Gold Coast council has taken HVM measures (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) to protect the Gold Coast against terror attacks. Hostile Vehicle Mitigation or HVM is the attempt to mitigate the effect of vehicle-borne threats through different methods such as security cameras, guards or bollards.

Gold Coast council has already installed bollards in Queen Street Mall, but have plans to install more. Some of the main tourist hotspots they wish to safeguard are the Esplanade, Broadbeach and Coolangatta.

The bollards are retractable which will remain underground to allow easy foot traffic movement. Then when needed, they will be deployed as a protective measure. Police and council workers will control when these bollards are in use.

Bollards have been installed at popular tourist destinations on Gold Coast.

The safer we can create our tourist locations and public spaces, the stronger we can stand against these potential threats. One of the ways to do that is to implement HVM measures, especially bollards that can handle vehicle-borne threats.

We need to ensure our bollard installations can protect against VBIED attacks as well as giving city scapes a nice complexion, with soft approaches to hard security.

Strategic placement of bollards in gaps between the road and footpaths can prevent any vehicle from entering the footpath at high speeds.

The implementation of VBIED bollards are strong enough to prevent a high-speed truck.

The problem with many traditional VBIED bollards is that they look boring or ugly. We have solved this problem by designing visually appealing VBIED bollards that are functional and look good in the environment they are in.