Designer VBIED outside Urban Workshop.

Designer VBIED bollards at Urban Workshop

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The front of 50 Lonsdale Street also known as Urban Workshop has been adorned by sleek designer VBIED bollards, not just meant to protect but also visually enhance the site.

Ubran Workshop is located directly opposite the famous Madame Brussels Lane. With 33 levels of office space, the establishment is one of the city’s premier commercial buildings.

Such a significant site needed more than just regular bollards. It needed a solution that would fit right in with the style and atmosphere.

Urban Workshop has an impressive history of protecting the historical building around them, and asked VBIED Bollards for help with implementing a solution that would provide a high level of protection which also compliments the aesthetic of the building.

We chose architectural designer VBIED bollards, as they are strong enough to mitigate vehicle borne threats, and because of their sleek look that fit right in.

The site needed something more than regular bollards. It needed designer VBIED bollards.

The bollard is rated for VBIED protection. It is capable of stopping a large vehicle travelling at high speeds from damaging the building and people in it. Placing VBIED bollards in front of an entrance to create standoff is an important HVM measure.

Its architectural design features a stainless-steel finish and a designer top which ensures the bollards seamlessly blend into its historic backdrop.

The bollards are removal so when needed can be removed to allow access for service providers.

The same solution can be found protecting other iconic venues of Melbourne, most recently an installation giving Media House on Collins Street 360-degree protection.

As a proud Australian company, VBIED Bollards finds great pleasure in protection iconic across Melbourne and Australia with the highest quality solutions.

If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to check out our products, or read more on VBIED, VBT, HVM and the standards PAS 68 and PAS 69.