HVM Static Bollard System

The HVM Static Bollard System is a shallow-mounted bollard that is designed to provide high levels of protection while also being quick and easy to install.


The AB-740S-PAS68 HVM Static Bollard System is the ideal solution for perimeter fencing or stand alone bollards. It is designed to meet the threat of anti terrorist attacks and can be assembled easily and quickly. The post foundations are only 200mm deep. They are designed to rival existing add on like perimeter fences or street furniture design for quick fitting. Successfully tested at MIRA to BSI PAS68 with a 7.5 tonne truck at 40mph (64km/h). It can follow the contour of the ground and follows corners. And again once fitted it needs no ongoing adjustment or tensioning of the barrier. The bollard can be fitted with either a mild steel shroud or a stainless steel shroud.