HVM Sliding Bollard System

The HVM Sliding Bollard System is an innovative design that allows the bollard to move horizontally, providing the benefits of a retractable bollard in a shallow mount. This system is ideal for providing PSA 68-rated VBIED protection in areas where excavation is not an option.


The EL-GO Team BLG-METIS-4 Shallow Mounted Bollard system is also available for installation by Australian Bollards.


The AB-MR220-PAS68 HVM Sliding Bollard System consists of movable bollards flanked by fixed bollards. The movable bollards slide horizontally to let traffic pass, and unlike vertically-retracted bollards, they can be installed as a shallow-mount system. This engineered system is rated to stop a 7.5 tonne truck moving at 30mph (48kph). The base can have a steel cover or be made to blend in with existing pavement. The bollard can be fitted with a mild steel or stainless steel shroud.