VBT and VBIED Bollards

Buy VBT and VBIED bollards at vbiedbollard.com.au.

Our VBT and VBIED bollards are heavy duty bollards that can withstand heavy vehicles at high speed. They are designed to stop vehicle borne attacks such as VBT and VBIED attacks.

VBIED and VBT are designed to protect against terrorist attacks. We have standard VBIED bollards as well as tailored options to suit any environment.


VBIED bollards

VBIED stands for ‘Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device’. A VBIED attack is when an attacker tries to drive a car loaded with an explosive device into a target. The target could be a building or people. It’s important to install heavy duty VBIED bollards in front of the target with enough distance to decrease the impact of a detonation.


VBT bollards

VBT stands for ‘Vehicle Borne Terrorist’. This is when the attacker wants to use the vehicle as a weapon with the intention to hit people with their vehicle.

Our VBT and VBIED bollards are strong enough to stop even large vehicles, preventing them from forcing their way to their target with a vehicle borne improvised explosive device. In that way, the bollards can create stand-off between a detonation and the target the terrorist is trying to reach.


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