PAS 68 and 69

PAS 68/69

Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security barriers

What is PAS 68?

BSi Public Available Specification, or PAS 68 is the industry's standard for HVM equipment. The specifications are designed to live up to the requirement for preventing VBIED attacks

PAS 68 has been designed to test vehicle security barriers when attacked by a vehicle in a single horizontal line.


PAS 68 is a standard based on parameters such as the vehicle type and impact speed. To obtain the standard, the HVM equipment being tested must reach the required measurements.

PAS 68 helps keep industry standards high, and provides a guideline for manufacturing HVM equipment  strong enough to protect against VBIED attacks.

PAS 68 tested bollards should be installed in accordance with the correct foundation drawings and should be installed with a clear distance of 1200mm (measured 600mm above ground level) between the facing edges of each bollard.

  • The bollards must be able to stop a vehicle of a predefined mass, type and going at a certain speed.
  • Penetration distance must meet certain requirements.
  • The dispersion of major debris must also meet requirements.
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What is PAS 69?

PAS 69 are a set of guidelines for the selection, installation and use of security barriers to make sure they have been placed as effectively as possible. The standard aims to ensure the selection as well as installation of the barrier provide the best possible protection.

It’s designed to be complement PAS 68. Unlike PAS 68, PAS 69 isn’t about how well a barrier resists impact.

Instead, the guidelines highlights areas at risk where the general design and setup of the site can help overcome those issues. The placement of security barriers, CCTV cameras or speed bumps could for example calm traffic or restrain vehicles.

The PAS 69 standard can be used by industry professionals such as security managers, planners and designers. Operators and owners are encouraged to find more ways to improve the overall security regime of their site as well, as security is an area that always evolves.

  • PAS 69 is designed to complement PAS 68 to ensure the best possible placement and selection of security barriers
  • It highlights areas where the general set up of the site can decrease the risk
  • The overall security regimen can include anything from security barriers to CCTV cameras or security guards.
  • If you want to know more about the standard, please contact our friendly customer service team.
PAS 68 compliant means bollards can withstand high impact.