Hostile Vehicle Mitigation – Prioritising Collins Streets Safety

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Safety is something that should always be taken seriously by all those in power. This means our governments, councils and governing bodies should always be considering ways to keep their people safe from harms way. One thing that is becoming an issue that we need to learn to deal with is vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED).

Hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) is hence a very serious matter and we should spend time implementing solutions in order to protect our cities and the people. Such a matter, if not taken seriously could potentially result in many lives being severely impacted by these events happening.

Australian Bollards offers HVM solutions to VBIED problems with its vast range of products which are suited to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Australian Bollards have completed many projects all over the state and now have recently installed stainless steel designer curved bollards in the city of Melbourne on 595 Collins Street.

The newly installed stainless-steel bollards will protect the Hong Kong owned 20 story A-Grade commercial tower from VBIED incidents and prevent events like Bourke Street happening again which will in turn save people’s lives. On top of that, the curved bollards blend in with the surroundings at the multipurpose complex making everything appear as natural as can be.

Another product that Australian Bollards design and manufacture that can be used to stop hostile vehicle mitigation are our Centurion range of shallow and surface mounted bollards. Our centurion range are capable of stopping a 7.2-ton vehicle at 48km/h, and then continuing to function properly. This means that the Centurion Sliding Bollard System and Centurion Gate Keeper System, like the stainless-steel designer curved bollard are also able to keep you safe, effectively and efficiently.

The Centurion Sliding Bollard System meets international industry standards of PAS 68 and IWA 14-1.

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