Let's combat security threats with VBIED bollards, PAS 68 compliant bollards and HVM measures.

Taking a stance against security threats

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Recently, an asylum seeker doused Springvale Commonwealth Bank last November with petrol and set it alight. The CCTV footage shows terrified customers running from the bank as a bank employee is burnt by a fireball. The attack destroyed the $2.5 million building and injured 33 people, including children. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only example of terrorism […]

VBIED and VBT protection are essential in mitigating VBIED and VBT arracks.

Security “as simple as putting bollards in certain places”

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Security may be “as simple as putting bollards in certain places,” according to Cabinet Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Authur Sinodinos. We agree. Bollards with VBIED and VBT protection is an aesthetically pleasing and effective way to mitigate vehicle-borne attacks.   VBIED and VBT protection is the solution With extensive knowledge on VBIED and VBT […]

Designer VBIED outside Urban Workshop.

Designer VBIED bollards at Urban Workshop

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The front of 50 Lonsdale Street also known as Urban Workshop has been adorned by sleek designer VBIED bollards, not just meant to protect but also visually enhance the site. Ubran Workshop is located directly opposite the famous Madame Brussels Lane. With 33 levels of office space, the establishment is one of the city’s premier […]

Gold Coast council takes stance against terrorism using HVM measures.

HVM measures against terror attacks on Gold Coast

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Gold Coast council has taken HVM measures (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) to protect the Gold Coast against terror attacks. Hostile Vehicle Mitigation or HVM is the attempt to mitigate the effect of vehicle-borne threats through different methods such as security cameras, guards or bollards. Gold Coast council has already installed bollards in Queen Street Mall, but […]

Vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices are a danger to us all, also Hobart.

How VBIED bollards could help Hobart

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The world has seen more and more vehicle attacks during 2017, and unfortunately attacks seems to breed attacks. That’s why preventative measures are now being considered by Hobart Lord Mayor Sue Hickey who recently proposed some hard security measures for Hobart. She suggested the installation of bollards in Hobart’s hotspots such as the Salmanca Market, The […]

VBIED bollards soft approach to hard security at Media House.

Soft approach to hard security at Media House

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VBIED Bollards is proud to provide soft approach solutions to improve security around at-risk areas, our latest project being the iconic Australian building in Media House. Iconic buildings and crowded inner city areas are often subject to the risk of terrorist attacks such as we have seen with the London Bridge and Bourke Street incidents […]