VBIED bollards

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Light bollard

Customisable VBIED light bollards.

Manufactured with high quality stone and reliable LEDs, our light bollard shines brightly throughout the night.

The bollard offers maximum protection on a smaller scale, with a robust base it can prevent vehicles from accessing areas and protect pedestrians.

Its sloping sides offer a soft approach to hard security compared to a standard bollard.

It can also be used in poorly lit areas, the LED’s can help driver visibility at all times of the day.

Spherical bollards

This spherical shaped bollard is the definition of a soft approach to hard security.

The granite bollard offers an aesthetically pleasing finish and maximum security against vehicles.

While a lot of work has been put into the aesthetic appeal of the bollard, even more work has been put into its strength.

Its proprietary design ensures it can withstand high impact collisions which achieves a VBIED rating.

Wall Street Bollards

Wall street bollards is a visually appealing Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) measure.

These customisable architecturally striking bollards are designed to fit into any high security city areas, without compromising the appearance of the landscape.

These sculptures are designed with a slant to allow pedestrians to sit, making it a pedestrian-friendly area that is safeguarded at all times.

These bollards blend in perfectly in the most famous financial district in the world, Wall Street.


Our proposed solutions


Let's combat security threats with VBIED bollards, PAS 68 compliant bollards and HVM measures.

Taking a stance against security threats

Recently, an asylum seeker doused Springvale Commonwealth Bank last November with petrol and set it alight. The CCTV footage shows terrified customers running from the bank as a bank employee is burnt by a fireball. The attack destroyed the $2.5 million building and injured 33 people, including children. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only example of terrorism […]

VBIED and VBT protection are essential in mitigating VBIED and VBT arracks.

Security “as simple as putting bollards in certain places”

Security may be “as simple as putting bollards in certain places,” according to Cabinet Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Authur Sinodinos. We agree. Bollards with VBIED and VBT protection is an aesthetically pleasing and effective way to mitigate vehicle-borne attacks.   VBIED and VBT protection is the solution With extensive knowledge on VBIED and VBT […]

Designer VBIED outside Urban Workshop.

Designer VBIED bollards at Urban Workshop

The front of 50 Lonsdale Street also known as Urban Workshop has been adorned by sleek designer VBIED bollards, not just meant to protect but also visually enhance the site. Ubran Workshop is located directly opposite the famous Madame Brussels Lane. With 33 levels of office space, the establishment is one of the city’s premier […]

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